FTX Deck Breakdown

Hey Persuaders!

Unlike other pitch deck breakdowns, I am not going to go through this deck slide by slide in great depth. Instead, I will provide my analysis right off the top and then share the deck below with short comments.

Here are things to note as you review the deck:

  1. This is the Series B deck, so it will be different from the Pre-Series-A decks that we normally analyze.

  2. Because it’s a later-stage deck, the entire pitch is focused on growth. While an early-stage deck aims to balance potential and risk, later-stage decks are focused on showing (i) how big the opportunity is and (ii) how the company is already on a path to capture that market.

  3. This deck is one large, coherent story. SBF was a great storyteller; this deck allowed him to raise $1B. Mimicking his skills and telling a single story with your deck will greatly assist you in raising.

  4. The final slide here is unique as it provides an emotional conclusion to the growth story. This is quite unique and something I’ve only seen on a few decks (coincidentally this includes the Theranos deck).

Let’s get into it.

Slide 1: Introduction

Simple and clean. I’d recommend that earlier stage companies have at least one sentence to describe their business, but at a later stage, this works.

Slide 2: Overview

Straight into the growth story showing how they have grown and what they have achieved.

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Slide 3: Potential

This slide may look complex, but it’s really about showing the potential; and how crypto exchanges can be bigger that their counterparts in traditional finance.

Slide 4: Potential

Showing where they are and where they can go.

Slide 5: Growth

The growth story continues here…

Slide 6: Current State

Slide 7: Growth

Slide 8: Compliance (Growth)

This continues to show their growth strategy by showing how they are able to work with regulators.

Slide 9: Team

Slide 10: Closing Slide

They end the growth story by showing their end goal.

Would you have invested based on this deck?

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